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A random list of websites, some controversial, some fun, some weird, some counseling or provide help.

My Twisted Reality

Yellow Ribbon
Ressources for those needing help.

Derriden's Links to Beat Depression

Bastard has sneaked my wife
An anonymous suicide note:
"No wish to die. [I was] One of the best of sports, which they all knew. Not in the wrong, the boys will tell you. This bastard at Palmer's Green has sneaked my wife, one of the best in the world; my wife, the first love in the world."

Underground eXperts United Presents... Suicide"The last freedom we have left is that we can end our lives at any point..." not quite sure, what this site is about. a good stop to find all things related to death. Focus on celebrities and famous people.

Celebrity MorgueEverything you ever wanted to know about celebrities and their deaths. website of this newsgroup

Suicide Gallery "This gallery has been created as a tribute to the great artists that bring art to our lives some famous and not so famous works will be shown here"

Famous Last Words

A morbid site that promotes suicide in order to save the environment and the whole planet
"Killing yourself, of course, is the most important thing you can do for the environment, but it's also a good idea to leave the right kind of suicide note. The following suggested note contains the most important points of an Eco-Friendly Suicide Note. For best results, it should be written on recycled paper."

The Darwin Awards Not really related to suicide, but a praise to those who involuntarily give up their life to ensure the survival of the human species by extinguishing their own stupid and inferior genes.

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