suicide note

In memoriam of John Smith (1975-2000)

This site was researched, made and created by John Smith. It must have taken quite some time and none of his friends were aware of this until he shot himself in the head with a shot gun on Jan.4th 2000. This The mediculous research of suicide and the rather random choice of material has led us (his friends) to decide to keep this site alive in memoriam. It will slowly grow as it was intended by John.

John has left several sketches for suicide notes on his computer. Next to the corpse however there was none to be found. It seems that none of us friends or his relatives received one. After quite some discussion we decided to publish his sketches here. They give no indication as to what his reasons were. But we have to respect his choice anyway.

We have received several hate mails concerning this site and its explicit content. We would like those who object to this site tell to F-CK off, as this is the last statement of a person who had more creativity, humor and passion than you will ever experience. Please forward all complatints to and see what happens.

To a great friend

Requiescat in Pace

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