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Literature and Philosophy

William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet One of the lesser known plays by Shakespeare. Deals with teen suicide.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet Virtually unknown play features an extensive contemplation of suicide by a young prince of Denmark.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe: The Sorrows of Young Werther. First novel by Goethe about a young man whose unrequainted love causes him to kill himself. In 1773 virtually the first real bestseller that had so much impact, that some young men followed Werther's fate in real life.
Albert Camus: The Mythe of Sisyphus Begins by stating that the last relevant philosophical question left to ask is that of suicide and then continues to relate the problem of suicide to the concept of absurdity.


Geo Stone: Suicide and Attempted Suicide. Methods and Consequences
a must for all interested in the subject of suicide. Lists methods and their consequences as well as advantages and disadvantages when intending either to commit suicide or to make a suicide gesture.
Marc Etkind: Or Not to Be : A Collection of Suicide Notes A collection of suicide notes. Highly recommendable.
Derek Humphry: Final Exit
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